How To Get A Free Carfax Report?

1 Mar 2023 | Occasion

A Carfax report is a very useful document when selling or buying a used car.

The cost of a Carfax report ranges from $46.95 for a simple history report without lien to $64.95 for a history report with lien.

As part of a used car purchase transaction, the Carfax report is just as important as a pre-purchase used car inspection.

Find out how it is possible to get a free Carfax report.

Ask for the Carfax report to be provided by the seller to have a free Carfax report

Whether your seller is an individual or a professional used car seller, he can provide you with a recent Carfax report for the vehicle he is selling. It is also an important document in the transaction, as Protégez-vous magazine tells us.

Some classifieds websites offer options for sellers to display the Carfax report of the auto that appears in the ad.

Have the price of the Carfax report deducted from the sale price

If the seller does not provide a Carfax report when you begin trading, you may request that the price of the report be deducted from the final price paid for the purchase of the vehicle.

This price reduction must be indicated in the sales contract which will formalize the sale transaction.

Order a Carfax report easily

Ordering a Carfax report is very quick and easy. A Carfax report can be ordered online and is immediately accessible. It will give you valuable vehicle information like maintenance records, odometer readings, major accidents and more.

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